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Ores India Pvt Ltd. (OIPL)
Ores India (P) Ltd. is one of the flagship and well-established company of the group. The company has experience of more than 25 years in mining and other activities under the guidance of visionary directors Mr. D.N.Passary and Mr Vinay Vineet Passary. OIPL is well known for its iron ore mining and allied activities at Manoharpur Ore Mines (Jharkhand), Kalta Iron Mines (Orissa) and other minerals at different areas as well. Manoharpur Ore mine is regarded as the best and largest iron ore reserve (i.e. more than 2 Billion tones) in ASIA at present. The above mine has following areas of mine leases under SAIL/RMD.
» Dhobil Mines 531.036 hectares
» Sukri Mines 609.813 hectares.
» Meclellan mines 823.968 hectares.
Modern Machineries like Excavators, Dozer, Pay-Loaders, Back-Hoe Loaders, Drilling Machines and Tippers are deployed. Crushing & Screening plants have been installed at different work sites. Modern technology is adopted to meet the norms of quality, quantity and safety. In addition OIPL has Mobile crushers Mobile screens and material-handling equipment with accumulated capacity of 900 tonnes per hour.
OIPL has a dedicated and proper transportation and rake-loading network. Ore from mines head is transported to railway sidings and loaded onto rakes from where it is transported to different steel plants.
Iron ore from 0-5mm, 0-10mm, 10-40mm, 10-65mm, are produced by OIPL