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Ores India Pvt. Ltd.
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In view to the future scenario of domestic and international market we have also derived our improvement plan to keep ourself abreast of every requirement.
M/s Naaraayani Sons Pvt.Ltd.
NSPL envisages broadening its satisfied clients base on emerging opportunities for national & international demand. We have already taken steps toward enhancing productivity at every stage and have implemented ERP and quality operations.
  • For smooth movement of the crushed & screened materials, Constructing own Railway Sliding at suitable locations
  • NSPL has also accelerated induction of new mining projects to its existing tally
M/s Ores India Pvt. Ltd.
OIPL is committed to consolidate its mining activities through modernization & up gradation technology, cost reduction, quality control and eco-friendly operation to remain competitive. OIPL expects to double the production by various infrastructure developments.
  • To set a steel & power plant of .25 Million Ton at Manohorpur (Jharkhand)
  • M/s. Mecon Ltd. has been selected as consultant for implementation of the steel & power plant Ltd, based on which will be signed with Jharkhand state Government.
  • Adding new dimension of its existing activities by venturing in overseas mining
  • OIPL is implementing logistics aspects for its own dedicated Railway siding for the movement of the row material & finished products
Beekay Steels & Power Ltd.
BSPL strive to strengthen India’s industrial base through the effective utilization of materials and services. The means envisages to achieving the new technology and productivity, in line with modern management practices. It has plans to go ahead with the Power Plant and the company has proposed to make it fully integrated within another 18 months.
  • To acquire new Row material reserve
  • Expansion of second module of 350 TPD sponge iron plant with SMS & power plant in the same campus
  • Implementation cost reduction planning by switching off the movement of raw material & finished material from road to rail from its own private siding