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Corporate Social Responsibility
The group management is very much concious about its social reposibility & obligations towards their employees and community at large by providing Clean & pollution free Environment, Social welfare, Human Resource Development policies.
The Company is very particular about periphery development near its operational sites. The latest pollution control systems have been installed. Maintaining green belt in and around the site is always a top priority.
Social Welfare
Giving back to the community at large has been an objective from the very beginning. For well being and general welfare of the employees/ workers, the company provides many schemes.
Almost all the employees have been provided with company’s quarters. The accommodation is free at mines and camps.
Free medical facilities are provided to employees and their families. Wherever necessary, patients are referred to reputed hospitals around the country at Company’s expense. Many free medical facilities are also provided to the needy people who are not employees of the company.
Social security
The group is always aware of social security of its employees and their families.
Cultural activities
The group provides for substantial amount for recreation and for organizing cultural activities for its employees. It also maintains Community Centres.
Suggestions and grievances
The group has launched many ideas & schemes that encourage employees to actively think of ways to help the organization. All the employees have access to the Chief Executive through the grievance cell.