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Beekay Steel & Power Ltd. (BSPL)
Passary group recently joined hands with the Beekay Group of Kolkata who is into steel making and have jointly established an integrated steel plant with Sponge Iron, Induction Furnace and Power unit.
The 350 TPD sponge iron plant produce 1.25 lakhs tones of sponge iron per annum successfully at Barbil, Orissa since October 2005. SMS(Furnace & Billet Caster) is recently added and a Power Plant will sooner come into existence. The Board of Directors comprises Mr Vikash Bansal, Mr Vivek Vishal Passary, Mr Vinay Vineet Passary and Mr Mukesh Bansal. All the directors are established business magnets with adequate experience in respective fields.
The company has completed the construction work of 30 MW (15 x 2) Induction Furnace and Billet Caster (SMS). It has started the work for power plant.
BSPL produces sponge iron of size 0-5mm and 5-18mm which is being used in furnaces as “melting’s substitute” for making steel.